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me2.1 Founder, Editor-in-Chief, Demigod

Scott is a PhD candidate in the department of Political Science at the University of California Irvine. He currently does work on the social character of memory and how narratives of the past create and reinforce identities of the present. He also does research on games, memory, organizational/institutional formation, and the construction of narratives.

In addition to his day job, Scott writes stuff for the websites Rentagamemaster.com and Terriblegamers.com about games and gaming culture. In a previous incarnation of his life, he was involved in the video game industry where he worked on games like ​Field Commander (IGN 2006 Strategy Game of the Year) and Everquest 2.

Scott is a father of one and plays games. Lots of games. He is currently running a DnD4e campaign and an hybrid Only War campaign that will, if the gods are willing, be developed into a podcast, which you should be able to find Thac0artists.com.


Dave Schmidt

Editor, Writer, and Court GM

David R. Schmidt is an ex-academic, ex-teacher, ex-international trainer, ex-video game developer and sometimes current software designer. He’s been dungeoning dragons THAC0 style since he was 7 years old.

He has always hated what he considers to be “juvenile” roleplaying groups. Among these are hack-and-slash, GM vs Players, and no

nsensical games that suck.

He prefers character driven groups where players actively participate in the creation of the story. Because of this, he’s been working on creating his own tabletop game for over a decade now, but still isn’t really anywhere close to feeling like its finished.

He also really, really hated the THAC0 mechanic.


StevePennerEditor, Writer and the Guy Always Stuck Playing the UK

Over the years, Steve has counted games like Yahtzee, Risk, Egyptian Rat Screw, Axis & Allies, Civ 4, Vampire: The Masquerade, Street Fighter 2, and Magic: The Gathering among his favorite pastimes. Creating an engaging story together or just screwing over his friends with a clever strategy for a good chuckle shared by all is considered time well spent. The dice agree with Steve and like to create laughs, too – sadly, all too often at his expense.


AdamStamperBlogger, Writer, and Astral Partygoer

Adam is a Business Manager at a high end video infrastructure manufacturer. He currently holds a BA in Organizational Management with a minor in Sociology, a BS in Information Technology and an AA in Business with a focus on the international market though there is always room for more degrees. Adam has over 23 years of gaming experience ranging from video game systems like Odyssey, Atari, Xbox and Playstation to tabletop war games to just about all forms of RPG’s.  Warhammer FRP is still on the top of his list due to the simple yet artful combat system and endless potential of the warp.

When Adam is not covering video conferencing specs with partners he can be found championing causes and promoting activism that are near and dear to his heart. Adam consults with Standard and Poore on video game trends and consumer electronics and does new product reviews and trainings for companies such as Samsung. When time permits he can be found demonstrating the joys of anti air missiles for the noobs on Battlefield or wandering the wastes of Fallout.




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