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Dungeon World: Review

If you read Scott’s tale about our introduction to Dungeon World then you probably have a good idea of where this review is going. Terrible Gamers loves Dungeon World. We love it so much we are bringing you our initial review before our play test is complete. Do not worry too much about that though

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“Retro” Indie Gaming: Scott’s Introduction To Dungeon World

The first time I heard anything about Dungeon World was during Gen Con 2013. I was having a conversation with Brian Cross, a fellow UC Irvine PhD and one of the brilliant minds behind Eclipse Phase, about the resurgence of “old school” tabletop RPGs when he asked me, “have you heard of this new game

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First Impressions: Shadows of Esteren Book 0 (a Mini-Review)

Books 0 serves as an introduction to both the game mechanics and to the world of Shadows of Esteren. The game setting, as written, is not too different than it was described to Terrible Gamers by Clovis Fremont. Players are told that the driving forces behind Shadows of Esteren are the psychological struggles of player

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Shadows of Esteren: A Postmodernists Wet Dream?

Terrible Gamers first encountered Shadows of Esteren on the exhibitor floor during Gen Con 2013. At that time we were very excited about Shadows of Esteren. Our first look at the game happened by accident. While Daniel and I were walking the floor and trying to navigate our way to the Outbreak: Undead booth something

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